Let it be known – there is no bad blood between James Charles and Shawn Mendes, despite all the drama. You see, fans slammed James after the 19-year-old makeup artist and YouTuber took to Shawn’s social media posts with some questionable comments. James is known for posting ~thirsty~ comments on many celebrities’ posts – especially his good friends the Dolan Twins. However, some fans believe his latest comment on Shawn’s Instagram Live went too far.

The 20-year-old was juggling on the live stream when James commented, “can you juggle me like that.” Shortly after the comment was posted, Shawn abruptly ended the video – leading fans to believe that the comment made him uncomfortable.

James immediately took to social media to apologize, saying that he’s a big fan of Shawn and didn’t intend to make him feel harassed.

“my comments on friend’s & boy’s content have always been light hearted & in a joking manner. I’ve been supporting @shawnmendes since vine & am a fan like anyone else, & would never want to make anyone uncomfortable,” James wrote. “I’m upset, embarrassed, and sorry if he felt sexually harassed.”

The plot thickens. Previously, it was reported that Shawn told fans at a secret album listening party, “that dude is always commenting weird s–t on my posts.” However, Shawn wants both James and fans to know that isn’t true. The singer went out of his way to reach out to James personally and clear the air, confirming that he never had anything bad to say about the makeup guru.

“Hey james! Sorry about all this, i’ve never said I dont like you or that you make me uncomfortable. Your comments actually make me laugh and I love them! hope you’re all good,” Shawn wrote.

So there you have it! It’s all good between them.

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