We were all super excited when James Charles announced his new eyeshadow palette in collaboration with makeup brand, Morphe. The eye makeup came in 39 different shades and looked absolutely gorgeous.

But a fan recently came forward and made some pretty strong allegations about the makeup star and his new product.

“DO NOT USE THE HOT PINK IN THE @jamescharles PALETTE,” Twitter user @kodeerants tweeted on Monday, Nov. 19. “It stained my eyes badly (why was there never a warning about this????) and I have hives starting to form.”

Fans of the makeup star instantly started to defend him, telling the fan that it might have only stained her eyes because the pigments in the eyeshadow are pressed. But the fan explained that this wasn’t the reason.

“For those of you telling me ‘pressed pigments stain’… ONLY THE PINK COLOR named ‘skip’ stained me. The other ones did not so far,” she wrote. “They all easily removed. THIS ONE DID NOT. It also gave me hives. The others did not. JAMES NEEDS TO WARN PEOPLE!”

The fan continued to attack the 19-year-old by posting a video, where she accused him of hiding this problem from his fans to have better sales.

James quickly responded to the allegations, taking to Twitter to defend his product.

“Most pinks, purples, & reds all stain certain skin types. This is common knowledge to all makeup lovers,” he replied to the fan. “You accusing me of lying to fans & not caring about people is a ridiculous cry for attention. If you have hives, consult your dermatologist, not me for likes on twitter.”

The makeup artist continued, “I’ve gotten really good at biting my tongue with drama but it’s been sooo hard watching palette reviews and seeing tweets of people just straight up lying for attention.”

This isn’t the only drama James has had surrounding his makeup launch. The YouTube star was also accused of faking his swatches to make them look brighter in the preview for the eyeshadow. But James explained that the reason behind him double swatching, was not to lie to fans, but was just an honest mistake.

“Yes, a few shades I layered twice because the first swatch wasn’t good or because I had to re say my sentence and wasn’t going to continue washing my arm, or that would REALLY mess them up,” he wrote on Twitter at the time. “Not hiding anything.”

The drama surrounding his new eyeshadow has certainly been wild.

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