When Tati Westbrook posted a 43-minute-long YouTube video exposing beauty guru James Charles on May 10, the internet had some big reactions. Tons of fans, YouTubers and celebrities took to social media to share their thoughts on what the makeup artist had to say, and ultimately, her words resulted in James losing roughly three million subscribers on his channel (and counting!).

In a last ditch effort to save his rapidly declining sisterhood and his reputation, the 19-year-old took to YouTube to apologize to Tati and her husband for betraying them. Unfortunately, it seems like it was too little, too late because many people on social media just weren’t buying it. But even though James had the odds stacked against him ever since Tati published the scathing vid, there are still some celebs who totally have his back.

Wondering who’s Team James and who’s Team Tati? Well, wonder no more because we’ve rounded up all the celebrity reactions to the James Charles and Tati Westbrook scandal. Scroll through the gallery to see what some of your fave celebs had to say about the drama.

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