YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain just landed a her first American magazine cover and fans couldn’t be more proud. On Tuesday, January 7, the 18-year-old internet star uploaded a video to her YouTube channel titled, “MY FIRST AMERICAN MAGAZINE COVER” where she announced to her 8.7 million YouTube subscribers that she would grace the cover of Cosmopolitan‘s February 2020 issue. Emma also took viewers along to the photo shoot and gave them a behind-the-scenes look of the entire day.

In another video, uploaded to Cosmopolitan‘s channel, the social media star filmed her reaction to seeing the magazine’s cover for the first time and, boy, was it emotional.

“Today is the day that I get to finally see the cover,” she told fans. “I’m so excited. I haven’t even seen what photo they’re going to use of me or anything. I have no idea, I don’t know anything about it, so this is the first time. Raw reaction.”

The star was in total shock and even teared up upon opening the envelope from the publication. “Who’s that?” she joked before becoming completely speechless.

Aside from the cover photo, the YouTuber also got real in an interview for the magazine and opened up about everything from her personal struggles with body image to her thoughts on being an “influencer.” In typical Emma fashion, she didn’t hold anything back!

Scroll through our gallery and check out the 10 things we learned from Emma’s Cosmopolitan interview.

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