Some fans are not happy with the pricing of Emma Chamberlain‘s recently released coffee line, Chamberlain Coffee. For those who missed it, on December 22, 2019, the YouTube star — who is a self-proclaimed caffeine addict — officially launched her own coffee brand. She teamed up with the Los Angeles based Bixby Roasting Co. to create her own roast and coffee-themed products as announced in a video she uploaded to YouTube, called “MY COFFEE RECIPE.”

Along with the products, Emma also shared the recipe for her signature cold brew coffee drink with fans. Her recipe called for three of her Chamberlain Coffee steeped bags, which cost $60 for a pack of 30. Although the brand has received positive reviews from other YouTubers, fans have some serious questions about the price being so high. Some social media users even accused her of “scamming” fans.

“If Emma Chamberlain’s coffee bags are $5 each, and to make her ‘signature cold brew’ I need 3 bags, I am literally buying one single $15 iced coffee that I have to MAKE MYSELF??” one annoyed fan wrote on Twitter. Another added, “[Emma Chamberlain] got the nerve to stick coffee grinds in a tea bag and charge us $10 for 5 bags.”

Emma Chamberlain Comes Under Fire For Selling $60 Coffee

“Who is Emma Chamberlain, why is she famous and why is she selling $60 coffee?” one Twitter user asked.

Despite the backlash, some fans seem to have no issue with the price. One even said the coffee “beats anything else.”

“Saw something that irritates me. You can’t just call something a ‘scam’ [because] you don’t like the price. [Emma Chamberlain] is selling 30 packs of Coffee for $60. That’s $2 a cup. How much is Starbucks again? There are real scams out there, this ain’t it chief,” someone wrote on Twitter. Another user added, “Only teenagers and people who don’t drink coffee think Emma Chamberlain’s coffee bags are expensive.”

Emma Chamberlain Comes Under Fire For Selling $60 Coffee

Aside from cost, others questioned whether or not the Chamberlain Coffee roast was fair trade or not. In her announcement video, Emma told viewers that the coffee was eco-friendly, but never specified if it was fair trade. For those who don’t know, fair trade coffee is given a label to certify that it was made ethically and sustainably grown.

Hi [Emma Chamberlain] is Chamberlain Coffee fair trade? It doesn’t say anywhere on packaging or on the website,” a concerned fan asked on Twitter. 

Emma has yet to respond to fans’ questions about Chamberlain Coffee.

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