Hair transformations and Emma Chamberlain have become synonymous since the 19-year-old YouTube star first gained popularity on the video-streaming platform. Over the years, Emma’s followers have watched her long locks get cut short, died blonde and everything in between.

Most notably, Emma teamed up with celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin in March 2020 for a YouTube video in which the Ouai haircare founder chopped off her signature long locks. The brunette beauty even shed a tear as she watched the hair fall to the ground. Over a year later, Emma tells J-14 exclusively that she’s “more emotional” about her hair now than ever before.

Emma Chamberlain Dishes on Her 'Emotional' Connection With Her Hair and New Role as a 'Mane Muse'
Mike Rosenthal

Because Emma’s been dubbed #HairGoals by some of her followers online, she nabbed the title of Mane Addict’s first “Mane Muse” of 2021. Previous muses include the likes of Addison Rae, Yara Shahidi, Zendaya, Maddie Ziegler, Sabrina Carpenter and more.

“To me, being a Mane Muse is not about what hairstyle you have, whether you are wearing a wig or going all natural, it’s about wearing whatever it may be with confidence,” she explains to J-14. “Muses always seem effortless and almost aloof. They don’t care what anyone thinks. They are poised and content with themselves. They could rock any hairstyle or rock no hairstyle if they wanted to. It’s badass. That’s how I’m trying to be.”

In order to become a “badass” when it comes to her entire beauty routine, Emma has three ride-or-die products that she stands by: the Ouai Dry Shampoo, Bad Habit Total Reboot AHA/BHA Exfoliator (“It helps get rid of the junk on your face and gives you the best glow,” she says.) and Kosas Tinted Face Oil, which the influencer notes she talks about “way too much, but it changed my life.”

Emma also explains that the dry shampoo helps to keep her hair “looking presentable” because she only washes it “a few times per week.”

“After bleaching and damaging my hair earlier this year, all of the fragile hairs are finally breaking off. I can’t wear my hair down because of all the breakage in the back of my head. I’ve never struggled with my hair’s thickness before, so this has been an eye-opening experience,” the Chamberlain Coffee founder says. “I was angry and devastated at first, and sometimes I still am. But dealing with something like this helps you realize how much it truly doesn’t matter. Yes, my hair may not be in the best place right now, but I have good people in my life, and I am healthy. That’s all that truly matters.”

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