YouTube star Tana Mongeau is the first to admit that TanaCon, an influencer convention she held in spite of VidCon in June 2018, was an epic disaster. This year, however, she wants fans to know that she’s grown so much from that whole experience. So much, in fact, that she recently accepted the opportunity to appear as a featured creator at VidCon 2019. Uh, what?

OK, so we know this is kind of shocking given everything that went down with TanaCon, but it’s true. The 20-year-old hopped on YouTube to announce that both she and VidCon have worked past their beef and that she’s getting an hour-long Q&A at this year’s event.

“I wish I could erase Tanacon and all the things that happened, but I can’t and it did happen,” she said. “But I am happy with how much I feel like I’ve grown from that entire situation. And I guess that brings me to my next point, which is what I’ve been doing since Tanacon.”

PAUSE. For those of you who don’t know, Tana’s getting her own reality series on MTV called Tana Turns 21, so it’s safe to say she’s busy working on that. What’s also important to note, however, is that MTV is owned by a company called Viacom, which also just so happens to own VidCon. In other words, setting her differences with VidCon aside make a ton of sense — especially since her MTV series is owned by the same exact company.

“Obviously I started talking about MTV,” she said. “But I think they play a really big role in this that I haven’t really talked about yet. And that is, MTV is owned by Viacom, and so I started going to meetings at MTV and working with them, and eventually, they came to me and they were like, ‘Hey, Viacom also owns VidCon and they really want to talk to you.'”

Well, you guys, the rest is pretty much history, and it’s safe to say the YouTuber is pretty stoked to have been invited — especially since VidCon made a promise to her that she’d be a featured creator back in 2017, but later backtracked because they felt her content was too explicit.

“All I ever wanted was to be a featured creator at VidCon,” she admitted. “… To be accepted in this space I so badly wanted to be accepted in. Just because I threw this s–ty f–king convention doesn’t mean I wasn’t deep down longing for that same acceptance and validation that I always was. If anything, I threw the convention because of that.”

“Of course, I would much rather suck up old pride and be a part of this than compete with it,” the social media star added. “So yeah, Vidcon and I are friends again.”

What a relief!

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