Are Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau back together? The former couple was just spotted hanging out one month after their heartbreaking split, and fans are pretty confused.

Yep, that’s right, #Bana shippers — the pair reunited at a party on Saturday, April 27, and they seemed like they had an amazing time together.

“Tana why are you going to the bathroom with the door closed?” the Shake It Up actress wrote on her Instagram Stories. “Like, aren’t we passed that?”

Bella Thorne Tana Mongeau

And when Tana posted a snap of her ex, the internet pretty much lost it.

Bella Thorne Tana Mongeau

As fans know, the couple announced that they had decided to go their separate ways at the end of February, and we were all pretty heartbroken, TBH.

“Tana and I aren’t together anymore, [please] stop asking. We love you guys,” Bella shared on Twitter at the time.

Bella Thorne Tweet

Tana also confirmed the news, writing, “I love her forever don’t get that twisted. She changed my life forever. Don’t really wanna talk on it… there’s no negativity at all.”

And when a fan told the YouTuber that she just wanted the girls to be happy, the 20-year-old admitted she wasn’t.

“I’m not fully. This obviously breaks my heart,” she admitted. “I will be through. As long as she is.”

In case you forgot, the two started dating after they shared a steamy kiss at the Life Is Beautiful music festival back in 2017. And after that, they were pretty much inseparable. But things got complicated when both women continued to date other men while they were still dating each other. Tana entered into a relationship with YouTuber Brad Sousa, while Bella started dating rapper Mod Sun.

Somehow, they made it work for over a year. And since the 21-year-old former Disney star recently split from Mod Sun and Tana and Brad have called it quits, maybe it’s time these two got back together? One thing’s for sure — they will always have a special bond.

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