Let’s be real: The opportunity to be a well-known influencer’s makeup artist sounds like a pretty good gig. We mean, said artist would get exposure, the influencer’s face would look better than ever and it’s likely the MUA would be getting paid. However, Tana Mongeau has a different idea, and instead of paying someone to do her makeup, she’d like to offer them “promo” instead. Before you get too angry about this, though, you should know that tons of people on the internet already beat you to it.

You guys, we’re not making this stuff up. The 20-year-old is legitimately looking for someone in the Los Angeles area who would be willing to do her makeup FOR FREE on a regular basis. And if you’re asking yourself why anyone would agree to this, you’re not alone.

“looking for an MUA in LA that would wanna work together frequently in exchange for an abundance of promo!” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “wanting to get my makeup done more often for simpler stuff/work. you can also use my face to try out new looks/be your canvas for your instagram!! we can always try new stuff. looking for someone available a lot/flexible/willing to accept mainly promo as compensation.” Uh, what?

Tana Mongeau

If you’re an avid viewer of beauty gurus on YouTube, you’re well aware of the fact that makeup artists put in a lot of work in order to achieve the look they want. Therefore, it’s simply not fair to ask someone to be available basically all the time, especially when they’re not getting paid for it. Fortunately, we don’t have to be the ones to tell her because other people already did.

“how are you supposed to have your own makeup artist and not pay them?” one critic wrote. “@tanamongeau makeup is expensive af what’s not clicking???? even if you pay them a small amount they will barely be compensated for their work.”

“It boggle my mind that @tanamongeau thinks she’s important enough for MUAs to waste their time, for her rich a– to not pay them for their services,” another person said. “When makeup artists apply for MAC and they put personal MUA for Tana Mongeau on their resume, the manager will be like b–ch, who?”

Surprisingly, though, there are some takers! Diehard fans of Tana would apparently be willing to work for no money at all, so apparently the “promo” she’s offering is worth it to some people.

“Okay but I’m just trying to be @tanamongeau’s makeup artist for free,” one fan tweeted.

“I would literally do anything to be @tanamongeau’s makeup artist,” another fan wrote.

Well, we guess we’re going to have to wait and see who the lucky (and highly underpaid) MUA will be!

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