Performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show always seems like it’s a ton of fun and it looks like Shawn Mendes really had the time of his life up on stage singing his heart out. In fact, one of the stunning models even caught his eye and their adorable, flirty exchange already has us shipping them. OK, so we might be getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but they’re cute AF and we’re like let’s make this happen.

The 20-year-old singer was one of the performers on hand to sing as the VS models strutted their stuff and during “Lost In Japan,” model Sofie Rovenstine blew Shawn a kiss as she walked by. He was asked on Twitter if he caught the kiss that came his way from the 19-year-old beauty and he confirmed, “of course.”

And the cuteness didn’t stop there. Sofie posted a screenshot of this tweet on her Instagram Stories, and added the kiss emoji along with the monkey covering his face.

Sofie and Shawn Instagram Story





































Seriously, girl is living out the dream! This is the first VS show she’s walked in and she’s already off to a great start if we say so ourselves. And while we’re out here like hey, these two would make a gorgeous couple, it seems like Sofie is just an excited fan like the rest of us. A screenshot of Sofie liking a comment a Shawn fan left on the video saying “She represents all the fandom” made its way around and well, she really is doing what any of us would do. If you’re that close to Shawn as he’s singing to you, why not throw a kiss his way!

Sofie Shawn Fan Tweet

The interaction was v sweet and who knows, maybe these two might hit it off. Shawn doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment and from the looks of Sofie’s social media, she seems to be living the single life too, super focused on her career. And she’s a smart cookie too, as she recently got her associate’s college degree in only one year, something that usually takes two years to complete.

Beauty and brains over here! Let’s hope Shawn and Sofie run into each other again. We’re just putting that idea out into the universe.

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