Is shipping two people you hope become best friends a thing? Because that’s totally how we’re feeling about Zara Larsson and Shawn Mendes after her latest confession! Basically, the 20-year-old “Ruin My Life” songstress poured her heart out about how much she really just likes Shawn and wants to be his friend. And it’s seriously just the cutest.

Speaking to Kat Shoob on The Official Vodafone Big Top 40 show, Zara was asked about if she would ever want to collab with the 20-year-old “Mercy” singer and make a fire song together, and she just couldn’t help but gush over him.

“He seems so sweet and I would absolutely love it. I met him a few times backstage at festivals and just him as a person and his whole team and everyone around him is just good people. He seems really genuine and I appreciate that a lot because you know, he’s a superstar,” Zara said. “I think I could be really good friends with him, call me Shawn! I actually think we would get along really well. I would love to do a song with him because also on top of that, he’s very talented.”

Seriously, you can can’t give someone higher compliments than that, right? But before you start getting too ahead of yourself and think Zara is over here trying to be anything more than a friend to Shawn, she’s happily taken. The singer is dating model Brian Whittaker, who she actually met after she posted on Twitter that she had a crush on him without even knowing who he was!

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The two eventually met and did fall in love, and they’ve been a super cute couple for more than a year now. So when Zara says she really think she and Shawn would be good friends, we believe her. She found her dream boyfriend but putting the thought into the universe so let’s hope this new friendship (and song!) does end up happening one day. If anyone can make it happen, it’s Zara.

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