Shawn Mendes and KJ Apa are two talented guys with super passionate fans. Although Shawn has made quite the name for himself in the music world and KJ is the star of everyone's TV show obsession Riverdale, it's about time they give us all what we really need and become friends. Yes, we need a Shawn and KJ friendship, ASAP please and thanks and it looks like this dream is coming true.

So let's break this down a bit: Shawn and KJ had a brief interaction with each other on the red carpet of the 2017 American Music Awards. It was a mere four seconds of footage we were treated to but alas, it was all the fandoms needed.

Seriously, no one expected these two to be interacting and naturally, it brought out all the feels.

Honestly, same though. We were left with so many questions: was this the first time the guys met? Does KJ listen to Shawn's music? Is Shawn a secret Riverdale stan? Do they not realize their friendship would be a gift to us all? Well, leave it to the "Mercy" singer himself to set the record straight and he explained they are already chummy pals who have a secret past together.

"I love him. I did something with him, that I can't really talk about, because maybe it'll be something in the future," Shawn said to The Edge's Jono, Ben & Sharyn.. "He's incredible. And it [the project] was before Riverdale started taking off, it was so cool to see all this stuff happen for him."

OK, how precious is that? This bromance is already all tpyes of adorable. Granted, KJ and his co-star Cole Sprouse and Shawn and fellow singer Niall Horan already have some pretty amazing bromances fans are blessed with. But seeing KJ and Shawn hanging out would bring about a whole new world we never thought we needed, until now.

KJ is a musician himself too to so just imagine them both playing the guitar, jamming out together. Shawn has said he wants to get more into acting and he even had a guest-starring role on The CW series, The 100. And what are the chances that KJ's show is also on the same network? Maybe he could get Shawn a gig on Riverdale. Now that would send us all into overdrive. They both also happen to be from other countries too: Shawn hails from Canada and KJ is from New Zealand, so already, there are tons in common for these two. This new friendship is upon us and we'll just be here waiting for more bromantic magic to happen.

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