Sometimes when we see the height difference between KJ Apa and Camila Mendes, we're like, whoa, Archie is tall. And then we remember that not only is Archie pretty tall, but Veronica's, well, kind of short. And even shorter than she looks, considering that she's almost always in heels. The same goes for their actors, but considering everyone in Hollywood is always wearing shoes that make them seem taller (or, in Cole Sprouse's case, slumping to seem shorter), it's hard to tell how tall everyone actually is. Luckily, we looked into the matter. And the actual height differences between some of our favorite Riverdale actors are even starker than they seem. Check it out.

riverdale cast height

At just 5'2", Camila looks tiny next to everyone else — even her female costars. Ashleigh Murray is 5'4", two inches taller, and Lili Reinhart and Madelaine Petsch are both 5'6", a full four inches taller. On-screen boyfriend KJ is a full nine inches taller at 5'11". So's 5'11" Casey Cott. As for Cole, he's a straight 6'0", making him an inch taller than his on-screen bestie and half a foot taller than his IR and IRL (in Riverdale and in real life) girlfriend.

But just a height chart alone doesn't do these characters justice. When you check out some photos of everyone standing side by side, you'll see what we mean. And remember — the girls are almost always wearing heels. And those boys simply refuse to stand-up straight. Check out the gallery below to see how this cast measures up on the red carpet and off.

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