Beauty guru James Charles may seem like he has it all, but he’s been very open about the fact that, when it comes to his love life, he really struggles. That said, it seems like the makeup artist is really going through it right now, and TBH, we wish we could jump through the screen and give him a big hug.

The 19-year-old took to took to Twitter on the morning of February 22 with a heartbreaking message about how he’s crying in his hotel room because he once again chose someone who only wound up hurting him in the end.

“I officially give up,” the Sisters Apparel founder said. “I’m sitting sobbing in my hotel room at 8am when I have to be on set in an hour. This is no one’s fault but my own because my dumb a– continues to go for the same type of insecure cute boys and it gets me hurt every. single. time. I f–king hate myself.”

James Charles

That’s not all, though. James also aired out his frustrations on his Instagram story, and honestly, it’s relatable AF.

Along with an awkward selfie, the YouTube star wrote, “Good morning world don’t you love waking up to a text message that ruins your entire day before it even begins? Same.”

James Charles

At this point, it’s unclear who exactly broke James’ heart. In the past, he’s been open about his crush on fellow Sister Squad member Grayson Dolan, but Grayson’s remained consistent about the fact that it’s not going to happen between them, despite loving James as a friend.

More recently, the makeup mogul collaborated with the Vlog Squad on a makeup relay race video, and playfully flirted back-and-forth with the squad’s newest member, Jeff Wittek. For the most part, it seemed like the two were joking around, but James did hop on his Instagram Stories the day after the video went live to tell fans that the flirting was real. Hmm…

To be totally real with you, we’re thinking James’ social media posts are most likely about a mystery boy that he hasn’t spoken about publicly. Whatever the case may be, though, we really hope he feels better soon. After all, he has so much to be happy about, and the right person will come along when he least expects it. We mean, doesn’t it always happen that way?

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