Let’s face it, High School Musical is and was such a phenomenon that tons of stars have gushed about just how much they geeked out about Zac Efron and days as a Wildcat. Zendaya has gone on the record to admit she was totally obsessed with the DCOM, and now a Stranger Things star is voicing those same thoughts – only difference? He got a direct shout out from Troy Bolton himself.

So we need to backtrack about how this all began. Earlier in the week, the kids from the hit Netflix series were on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and there they talked about their low-key obsession with the flick and how it factored into their Halloween plans. During the interview, Finn Wolfhard went on to pretty much admit that Zac was the reason he started playing basketball and even did a spot-on impression of his dance moves during the “Bet On It” number.

He’s pretty much nailed down those moves. Word about the impression and influence even got around to Zac, who tweeted about it just a few days later. Using a picture from the interview, the actor shared his excitement about how cool this all was by writing, “This is in my top five favorite things I've ever seen. @FinnSkata.”

Now that’s got to be pretty cool. Honestly, who could blame Finn? Zac, Troy and the entire franchise was something unforgettable. It also must have been totally surreal for the IT star to see that Zac thinks the compliment is one of the greatest things he’s come across in his life. Perhaps this little interaction could lead to the two crossing paths and recreating an entire HSM scene just for fans – or we could see The Greatest Showman star wander around Hawkins with the rest of the Stranger Things kids. Either way, we have a feeling this isn’t the end to this story. A collab of some sort is totally going to happen here.

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