If you ever want to really see what siblings goals looks like, Frankie and Ariana Grande are the perfect example. Ariana’s fans are passionate, but no one can top her OG fan and that’s her big bro. Frankie is always there cheering his sister on and she looks up to him so much. Seriously, nothing will ever come between the Grande siblings.

ariana and frankie grande

And now that his baby sis is engaged, everyone just wants to know exactly how Frankie found out. Well, he doesn’t even remember. That’s right! Speaking to Billboard, Frankie admitted that he can’t really recall when exactly Ari told him she’s set to marry Pete Davidson.

“I don’t even remember where or why or how, I kind of feel like it’s just a fact now [they’re engaged], you know what I’m saying?” Frankie shared. “But no, I remember where we were! We were in Vegas and it was around some awards show. It wasn’t that it had happened, it was that it was about to happen. She was thinking it was going to happen. The Billboard Awards! I think so, I could be wrong.”

Ariana and Pete’s love did happen fast, but it does kind of seem like they’ve always been an item. As far as we know, they’ve been together since May, which was only a few months ago, so Frankie not being able to remember when his sister told him the big news is kind of amazing. Wasn’t all that long ago, after all! But one thing Frankie is very aware of is that his sister’s happiness right now is just contagious.

“I was just so overwhelmed with her happiness and it just washed over me. It’s been a crazy journey for us over the past year so this amazing news of happiness and joy, I just received it so excitedly. I really was, I’m so excited for her,” he said about the engagement. And as for his future brother-in-law? All love there too.

“I love Pete! Pete’s great, I have a new brother. He’s so chill and he adores her. As long as you adore my sister, you’re OK by me,” Frankie said.

pete davidson and frankie grande

Just precious. We can’t wait for this wedding!

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