Frankie Grande was bashed for the worst reason ever.

The social media personality and Ariana Grande’s brother appeared on Good Morning Britain to talk about his upcoming show, Livin’ La Vida Grande, at Bush Hall. But, because the Manchester Attacks are so fresh in our minds and he was on a U.K. channel, they brought up the tragedy. Frankie, like anyone else who thinks about what happened at the arena where 22 people lost their lives because a terrorist denotated a bomb, got super emotional. Not only that but because it was his sister whose show it happened at, we have a feeling he has, even more, emotions about the whole thing than the average viewer.

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After his segment on the show, he was completely slammed for being fake while talking about the tragedy. This all seems really harsh. Yes, Frankie teared up. But, why wouldn’t he?

A source close to Frankie told The Sun, “Frankie was booked on GMB to discuss his show, which is coming to Bush Hall on August 23rd and was completely caught off guard when repeatedly asked to discuss the Manchester attack. His emotions were real and he was blindsided with the focus on the topic during the live interview.”

Here are a few examples of how some people viewed Frankie’s reaction to the Manchester Attacks being a topic of conversation.

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On May 22, 2017, Ariana had finished performing and her fans were walking out of the concert venue at the Manchester Arena only to face an explosion. Dozens were injured on top of the 22 that were killed. In the days leading after the explosion, Ariana flew back to the United States and made a plan. She got together some of the biggest names in music like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry and they all went back to Manchester.

She put on the One Love Manchester benefit concert which raised millions of dollars for the victims and their families. Still, she continues to remember the lives lost. Just a few days ago she honored the youngest victim who was 8 years old by wishing her a ‘Happy Birthday’ on social media.

This tragedy has surely changed Ariana and everyone close to her, including Frankie. There’s absolutely no way his emotions or tears were insincere.

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