Some celebrities and their siblings look so much alike, that the second we see them we know they’re related — like Miley Cyrus and her sister Brandi, for example. They have the exact same smile! And some of them share so many similar features that they can legit pass as twins — like Vanessa Hudgens and her sister, Stella. They always make us do a double take! But there’s also a few pairs of famous brothers and sisters that actually look nothing alike.

Yep, just take Taylor Swift and her brother, Austin, for example! With her bright blonde hair and his dark brunette locks, they really don’t look like siblings, TBH. What about Ariana Grande and her big bro, Frankie? We barely even see the resemblance between them! And who could forget about Demi Lovato and her little sister, Maddie De La Garza? They hardly even look like they’re related!

Don’t believe us? See for yourself! We rounded up a bunch of photos of all the celebrities who look nothing like their siblings — scroll through our gallery to see them all.

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