This may come as a surprise, but so many celebrities have siblings that fans may not know about. Of course, pop culture fanatics are privy to the famous pairs, like Miley and Noah Cyrus, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, among others!

13 Reasons Why viewers are quick to recognize Katherine Langford as she continues her rise to fame, but the actress actually has a younger sister, named Josephine Langford, who stars in the After movies. When fans of the fan-fiction inspired series found out that these two Australian ladies were related, they freaked out. Although the girls don’t really share photos together online, they have chatted about each other in rare interviews.

“We both got into acting on our own, completely separately, with nothing to do with the other one,” Josephine told Refinery29 of their careers in April 2019. “We both grew up in this family, with parents that weren’t particularly creative, and were both interested in creative things.”

On the other hand, Tom Holland helped get his brother, Harry Holland, get his start in Hollywood. The budding star has a cameo in all his older brother’s films!

“In Cherry, he has a small cameo in Cherry, and he plays a character called the shaky kid, and he’s a drug dealer,” the actor explained during a February 2021 appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. “So, we kind of had this idea that in every film I would be in that Harry would reprise his role as the shaky kid. So he is back again in his own sort of weird MCU Cinematic Universe cameo as the ecstasy-dealing shaky kid.”

As it turns out, Harry isn’t Tom’s only brother. They also have younger brothers Sam Holland and Paddy Holland, and as of now, they’re not part of the entertainment industry.

There are actually a bunch of big stars, just like Tom, who have brothers and sisters that fans may not know about. Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, Dove CameronLili Reinhart, Selena Gomez and tons more have siblings that you totally didn’t know existed! Click through our gallery to meet all the siblings that will have your jaw dropping. 

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