This may come as a shock, but a bunch of our favorite celebrities have younger siblings who have now become famous too! Yep, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have a sister or brother who is just as talented as them and has launched a career of their own over the years.

Take Noah Cyrus, for example! Miley Cyrus‘ little sister released her debut album, Good Cry, back in 2018, and it’s still on repeat, TBH. What about Austin Swift? Did you know Taylor Swift‘s little brother has stepped into the spotlight and acted in a bunch of TV shows and movies? Oh, and let’s not forget about Ian Jeffrey. He’s following in his big brother, James Charles‘ footsteps has racked up more than 800,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. But that’s not all! He’s even launched a super successful modeling career!

They’re not the only ones! From Demi Lovato to Charlie Puth to Louis Tomlinson to Cody Simpson, scroll through our gallery to uncover all the celebrities who have younger siblings that got famous and started careers of their own over the years.

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