He’s all grown up! Over the years, not only have the Jonas Brothers stolen fans’ hearts, but their youngest sibling, Frankie Jonas, did too. Now, the Bonus Jonas is 20 years old and following in his family’s footsteps.

“He’s working hard, we’re really proud of him,” the band dished during a fan question and answer session with Ask Anything from June 2019. “He’s just killing it out there. Frankie, we love you and we’re proud of you!”

Do the boys still refer to him as the “Bonus Jonas?” Well, as per Joe Jonas, they don’t because he actually hated that nickname.

“We don’t refer to him as ‘Bonus Jonas’ anymore, he doesn’t like that name. He never did,” the singer, 31, said during the Ask Anything chat. “We get it. That’s just a sad name to be called, so he goes by Frankie Jonas. That’s actually his name.”

So, what’s the youngest Jonas Brother been up to since his claim to fame? Well, J-14 did a major investigation and it turns out, he’s accomplished a lot over the years! Scroll through our gallery to find out what Frankie’s up to now.

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