When Nick Jonas teased a collab with his youngest brother Frankie, everyone got real hype in hopes of an epic Jo Bros return. However, it looks like it was just Nick and Frankie who were working together – not the whole crew.

The singer’s latest music video has finally been released, and the youngest Jonas makes an appearance. Frankie sporadically flashes on the screen multiple times throughout the “Remember I Told You” video, but it’s literally a “blink and you miss it” type of deal. Still, each and every millisecond of screen time he gets is pure. gold.

In the video, Nick basically throws a banger in a vacant white room with his co-musicians on the song Mike Posner and Anne-Marie. Where Frankie Jonas and the crew of models fit into the situation? Not really sure, but we’re into it.

Frankie starts out subtle, just bopping along with his guitar in a very understated way.

frankie jonas music video

You know, nothing crazy. Just swaying to the tune.

frankie jonas music video 2

If you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t even think he was a Jonas – but then the cute stuff happens. In true big brother fashion, Nick wraps his baby bro in what appears to be toilet paper. Frankie’s reaction?

frankie jonas music video 3

Nothing, literally nothing.

frankie jonas music video 4

The show must go on, as they say. So yeah, Frankie just jams out as if he’s not swaddled up like a mummy. Weird – yet genius, really.

Even though it seems like Frankie has been living the shadow of his famous bros all these years, it’s now safe to say he’s shining on his own.

nick jonas frankie jonas

Although, we just can’t help but wonder how Kevin and Joe feel about Nick and Frankie linking up for a super cool project without them.

jonas nick and frankie

Something tells us they’re a wee bit “jealous.”

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