Jonas Brothers fans, brace yourselves. The unthinkable may be about to happen. Nick Jonas is giving us all reason to believe the group is reuniting – with the one and only Bonus Jonas, no less.

Nick may be recognized by the general public as the youngest of the fam – but anyone who thinks that shouldn’t be able to call themselves fans, tbh. He is actually the second youngest, the littlest Jonas actually being their non-famous bro – who is a total legend through and through.

Welp, it now looks like a Jo Bros reunion could be in store beause Nick posted a photo jamming out with the honorary member that is Frankie Jonas, and fans pretty much cannot contain their feelings about this wondrous possibility.

nick jonas frankie jonas guitar

“Coming soon,” the “Jealous” singer teased on his Instagram Stories.

For girls growing up with pics of Nick, Joe and Kevin plastered all over their bedroom walls, Frankie was known in the fandom as the kid who casually zipped around the hallways of his siblings’ sold-out arena concerts on his scooter.

jonas brothers frankie bonus jonas

Now, he’s a college student with a particularly intriguing Instagram aesthetic, who casually gets snapped by paparazzi when he’s out and about with his bros.

nick jonas frankie jonas

So while most siblings bicker over leaving each other out of games, the Jonas Bros left Frankie out of an entire boy band phenomenon. For anyone who ever felt bad for Frankie for having to live in the shadow of his famous older brothers for so long, please take comfort in the fact that Frankie appears to be living his best life.

Not only does he now have two beautiful nieces (one who calls him “Uncle Dankie”), but he also appears to be total besties with the members of Joe’s band DNCE – especially Cole Whittle.

frankie jonas and cole whittle

Whether a reunion is actually happening or Nick and Frankie are the only brothers collaborating, we’re excited either way. We just hope they don’t keep us waiting too long for this big reveal.

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