By now, everyone is pretty obsessed with the Jonas Brothers‘ hit single “Sucker” — right? Ever since it dropped in March 2019, it’s been on repeat, and by now, fans have listened to it a million times! Well, you guys might want to prepare yourselves because one of the writers of the song, Ryan Tedder, just opened up about making it, and he revealed that Joe Jonas actually sang it by himself at first! Say what?!

“‘Sucker’ was a song I had written nine or 10 months before they heard it and cut it. I played ‘Sucker’ for Joe. He loved it, he was like, ‘Do you mind if I sing that?'” the songwriter and producer explained to Access. “I recorded him on it, and if there’s one way to get the brothers to record a song it’s by getting one of them to sing on it and playing it for the other ones. Anytime you’re working in a band, that works.”

The 40-year-old explained that at first, “Rollercoaster” was supposed to be the guys’ lead single, not “Sucker!”

“I had been approached by their label about possibly executive producing their album. There was song I had written called ‘Rollercoaster’ with a bunch of other talented writers. ‘Rollercoaster’ was the standout song for the Jonas Brothers, they were going to make it the first single,” he continued. “The whole documentary they did was using that song in the trailer, it kind of described their entire journey. It’s like a song taking on a life of its own with the person who sings it. They hadn’t written it, but they claimed it as if they had. I went in to record that song with them.”

But as soon as their label heard “Sucker,” they knew it had to be their debut song track.

“So I sent in three songs to the [girl] who runs Republic Records and signed the Jonas Brothers. The third song I sent in was ‘Sucker,’ and I didn’t hear back for a day or two. Then all I got was the response, in all caps, ‘SMASH,'” he added. “That’s the only thing she said. So I text her, I go, ‘So you like it?’ And she goes, ‘Need to record them immediately, I think that’s the single.’ It was that fast.”

The rest is history!

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