Can we get a show of hands — who here is a big Jonas Brothers fan? Well guys, it turns out, there’s a very unexpected celebrity who just admitted that he too is a massive JB fan. Drum roll please… Justin Bieber just uploaded a video of himself and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, rocking out to their new song “Sucker” and um, we are LIVING for it.

The “Love Yourself” crooner shared the adorable clip to his Instagram Stories on Thursday, April 4. In the vid, he and his wife could be seen listening to the bop at full volume in their car. And that’s not all. Justin even sang along to it, and we couldn’t help but notice that he knew all the words! That means he has to have heard the song quite a few times before, right?

Ugh, wow, we love legends supporting legends. Justin and the JoBros are two of our favorite artists ever, so seeing him belt out the words to their new song is pretty epic, TBH. Not to mention that it’s a total mood. We mean, who hasn’t sung a Jonas Brothers song at the top of their lungs in their car before? We know we have!

As fans know, after the news hit the web last month that NickJoe and Kevin Jonas were reuniting six years after their heartbreaking split, Hailey, 22, admitted that she was a huge fan of the Disney boy band back in the day. And her husband wasn’t too pleased about it. He uploaded a video to his Instagram Stories at the time, and he seemed pretty shook by her confession.

“WHAT?!” he screamed after discovering her secret.

But clearly, the 25-year-old has come around! We get it, Justin, there’s literally no way to resist their angelic voices, catchy songs and gorgeous looks. LOL.

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