Uh oh. Hailey Baldwin (err, Bieber) just revealed something to Justin Bieber that has the potential to drive a huge wedge through their marriage. What is it, you ask? Apparently, she was massive fan of the Jonas Brothers back in the day. Say whaaat?!

That’s right, you guys! On March 10, the model confessed that she used to love the Jonas Brothers, but let’s be real: Didn’t we all? Regardless, the singer was absolutely shook by her confession, which makes total sense considering he rose to fame while the Jonas Brothers were on top of their game, several years before their hiatus.

In the short clip, the 22-year-old covered her face and uttered the words, “I was a fan of the Jonas Brothers.” Of course, the 25-year-old pop star playfully pretended that he couldn’t understand a single word she said. Then, even louder than before, Hailey shouted, “I was! I was a Jonas Brothers fan!” GASP!

As you may recall, the Jonas Brothers were extremely popular around the time Justin stepped onto the music scene with “One Time” in 2009, so there was definitely some friendly industry competition going on between them. Other than that, though, JB and the JoBros never had any beef with each other, so hopefully Hailey’s confession doesn’t change that.

Luckily, Justin didn’t seem too upset about the fact that the newly dubbed Mrs. Bieber identifies as a former Jonas Brothers stan. In fact, he didn’t really seem bothered by it at all. Still, he considered it an opportunity to tickle his wife, proving that they’re literally the most adorable newlywed couple ever.

“I’m sorry! Don’t tickle me, please,” she pleaded.

TBH, the whole this was too cute, especially since we all know that Hailey had a case of Bieber Fever back in the day. Old tweets from 2011 revealed that not only did she attend Justin’s concert and have an amazing time, but also that she wanted to purchase Justin Bieber wrapping paper for the Holidays. LOL.

Back then, Hailey probably never would’ve guessed she would be married to the “Sorry” crooner less than a decade later, but here we are. What a glo’ up!

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