The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The Jonas Brothers dropped their new single, “Cool,” on Friday, April 5 and OMG… we cannot stop listening! Not only is the song a total bop, but it turns out, the boys also threw in a ton of hilarious, shady and even emotional references in the lyrics. From their past hits to their current wives/fiancés, they definitely did not hold back.

The song is all about being confident and having fun, and it honestly makes us wanna get up out of our seats and dance. And the music video is just as epic! Complete with amazing costumes, live animals and a ton of dance moves, it’s seriously like one giant party.

As fans know, the new song comes just one month after NickJoe and Kevin Jonas released “Sucker” — which was their first single as a band in six years. While working on a documentary last year about their lives, the boys revealed that they started to miss the magic they felt while performing together as a threesome. And that’s when they decided it was time to get the band back together. It was honestly a dream come true!

We went ahead and decoded all the lyrics from their new bop, “Cool,” and you’re not going to believe all the hidden references. Scroll through our gallery to see!

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