We all remember the messy drama that ensued when Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan broke up back in September of 2018. Now, however, it seems like the rapper has completely moved on because, well, he’s having a baby! Wait, what?

You heard that correctly, folks! The 22-year-old took to Instagram on February 17 to share the announcement with fans and to celebrate this next chapter with his current girlfriend, Annie Smith.

“I wanted to wait but i just can’t leave my fans in the dark,” he said. “It’s official im going to be a father. I love you guys so much and I hope you stay along for this crazy journey and i’ve never felt more happy in my life. All of you are invited to the gender reveal party i promise!”

Along with the announcement that they’re expecting a baby, the rapper revealed some other exciting things that will be happening for him this year.

“Can’t wait to show the world everything i’ve been working on at youtube space and my official sophomore album ‘BE SAFE,'” he added. “And to my baby my angel my sunshine @anniiesmith i love you with all my heart. Thank you for saving me i love you more then words could describe.”

But wait, there’s more. Annie also shared a similar photo on her own Instagram account, and while she didn’t reveal the pregnancy, she did share with her followers that the two will be getting married.

“Happy valentine’s day my love,” she wrote. “I could go on and on about how beyond grateful and lucky i am to have you by my side in life. but today to keep it simple and honest, i love you to the moon and stars, always baby. i cannot wait to call myself your wife soon.”

Clearly, Lil Xan has moved past his relationship with the “Make Me (Cry)” songstress, but if you need a little refresher, things fell apart between her and the Soundcloud rapper when he shared on his Instagram Stories that he suspected he was being cheated on. The most bizarre part of it all? The reason he thought she was cheating was because she sent him a photoshopped meme of Charlie Puth‘s face on a naked body.

Overall, we can all agree that their falling out was pretty wild — especially since they publicly aired out all their drama with back-and-forth screenshots of their text convo. To this day, their split was one of the most unbelievable breakups we’ve ever witnessed, and NGL, it’s kind of shocking that just five months later he’s expecting a baby and is going to be a father.

Well, here’s to hoping his current GF doesn’t make the same mistake of sending him a photoshopped meme of another celeb. After all, we all know how that ends.

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