We're eagerly anticipating Taylor Swift's livestream next week, and crossing our fingers that we'll finally get to hear some new music, especially because some people already have! Radio DJ Christopher K allegedly heard Taylor's upcoming single and spilled that it's "VERY fun and VERY poppy."

While he has since deleted his tweets, the DJ claimed Taylor's new song is a "fun and upbeat" track about not worrying what other people think about you. It features a lot of catchy horn sounds, along with the jokey line, "They say I date too much and can't make 'em stay!"

Since Taylor's music has definitely gotten poppier over the years, it's not surprising that her next album would be any different. As for the rumored song…we can definitely see Taylor writing a track like that. She never takes herself too seriously.

Do you want Taylor to release new music? Who do you think she'll write about? Tell us in the comments!

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