Ariana Grande is no stranger to dealing with crazy situations happening when she is on stage, so it should come as no surprise just how cool she was when a fan ran on stage during one of her recent shows for her The Dangerous Woman World Tour.

She has endured technical difficulties during a show when her microphone stopped working and even a slip on stage during Jingle Ball that almost made her fall. The "Dangerous Woman" bounced back from those awkward moments like a professional and this interaction with a fan was no different.

At her concert stop at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, a guy somehow got on stage and stood behind her while security guards from the venue tried to convince him to come back down to no avail. Ariana was singing and facing the crowd and did not realize he was there until he walked up to where she was and waved at her.

A guy who looks like he could be part of her security team got on stage and carried him off with a bit of force, and that is when Ariana reached to him and said, "Hey! Chill out." The guy was escorted off the stage and there is no telling whether or not he was kicked out of the venue completely after the incident.

The only thing that is clear is that Ari did not miss a single note due to the distraction and carried on with the song like nothing happened, showing once again what a true pro she really is. There have been other situations where fans get aggressive with the stars, even knocking them over but this guy just wanted to say hello to the singer, even though he was violating the rules.

It is part of a celebrity's job to keep their cool during times like these, but it is for sure understandable how this could be scary to deal with not knowing how a stranger might react when they are close to their favorite stars. Gladly, Ari was not harmed and she even defended her fan.

Watch the clip captured by a fan and obtained by TMZ above and tell us how you would react in the comments!

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