If we can get a little bit gratuitous for a second, we’re all for hot celebrities kissing hot celebrities, and when they both happen to be hot guys, even better. Sometimes, as the fates would have it, an acting role will allow this to happen. Whether it’s a brief moment in a movie or a recurring occurrence in a TV series, we have definitely been blessed with more than a few instances of guys kissing guys for, uh, their art.

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But first, a moment of silence for those kisses that got left on the cutting room floor. Let’s face it, we’re still bitter that Thomas Doherty and Dylan Playfair had their big Harry/Gil kiss chopped from Descendants 2. Yeah, we know that our minds can run a little rampant when it comes to Descendants ships, but that kiss was canon, you guys! It was in the books! We’re still uncertain about whether it was truly cut for time or whatever, but seriously, Disney Channel, you’re being real rude right now.

And then there are those little known kisses that sort of pre-dated a star’s big Hollywood break. You may have wanted the simmering tension between Edward and Jacob to explode at some point during the Twilight saga, and sadly that love was only consummated at the MTV Movie Awards. But as it would turn out, Robert Pattinson locked lips with another boy for an indie film… and it was while playing one of the world’s most famous painters! The more you know!

Anyway, we don’t want to deprive you any longer. Check out the gallery to see which hot celebs got to smooch other boys for a role.

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