Not everything was “As It Was” supposed to be during Harry Styles 2023 Grammys performance! Since the Harry’s House singer performed on music’s biggest night on February 5, some fans have criticized that he wasn’t in his best shape vocally or performance-wise on stage. However, his backup dancers have since revealed what exactly what went wrong on stage as soon as the curtains were opened. Keep reading to see what happened.

What Went Wrong During Harry Styles’ 2023 Grammys Performance?

Harry’s performance included a turntable which was used for the dancers, and Harry, to walk and dance on while it spun in circles. However, it’s since been revealed that the turntable turned the wrong way.

“What you don’t know is that the moment the curtain opened and it was time to perform, our turntable started spinning in reverse,” said dancer Brandon Mathis in an Instagram story. “Backwards. Freaking all of us out on live television, and there was nothing we could do to stop it. In real time, we had to troubleshoot and try to do a complete piece in reverse. Talk about professionalism.”

That’s right, folks, the performance that we watched was done in complete reverse and on the spot, with dancers attempting to execute formations they had been practicing for days in the complete opposite way on live television.

The choreographer of the dance, Dexter Da Rocha, got more in-depth about the situation in a since-deleted TikTok.

What Went Wrong During Harry Styles' 2023 Grammys Performance? His Dancers Have Spoken Out
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Harry Styles
65th Annual Grammy Awards, Show, Los Angeles, USA – 05 Feb 2023
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“We rehearsed for 10 days getting down these beautiful formations and sliding off the table in a roll-off and just making this incredible, morphing, cool artistic s–t and Harry did such a good job integrating into it,” Dexter said. “This whole time were were practicing it with the turntable turning counterclockwise. It was difficult and it was frustrating making those patterns while something’s moving and having all this spatial awareness. At dress rehearsal, it was gorgeous, it was amazing. We get on stage for the performance, the performance starts and the turntable starts going the wrong way.”

She added, “Harry did his best to walk and reverse everything while he was singing and reverse his entire duet which is incredible.”

Fans of the singer are understandably outraged over the ordeal. “So you mean to tell me that Harry Styles practiced for his performance for 10 days in L.A. all while doing his 3 make up shows at the Forum just to get to the Grammys and the turntable tech made the turntable go the wrong direction,” one fan tweeted.

Another fan made light of the situation on Twitter: “How did Harry Styles’ turntable manage to spin the wrong way round at the Grammys? Everyone knows he only goes in One Direction.” 

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