It doesn’t matter if you’re part of the One Direction fandom or not — you probably heard the rumor that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were in a secret relationship. Hardcore “Larry Stylinson” supporters have shipped the former bandmates since their X Factor days.

But according to the singers — there’s no truth to the theories. Keep reading to find out what Harry and Louis have said about the romance rumors. 

Can you believe it’s been almost 14 years since One Direction was formed? The British boyband first made their debut in 2010 on the singing show the X Factor. At the time, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry and Louis auditioned as solo acts — but were quickly put together by Simon Cowell to form a group.

While on the X Factor, the boys would record video diaries each showing their close bond with one another. Fans were quick to point out that Harry and Louis’ friendship was unmatched!

Some fans even thought that their interactions were more than just friendly — thus leading to the “Larry Stylinson” shippers, who quickly got to work to look for any signs that pointed towards romance between the two.

One of the biggest pieces of “evidence” that shippers have analyzed are Harry and Louis’ tattoos. Fans believe that the two have matching ink that symbolizes their relationship — as both have tattoos that seemingly match one another. In 2013, Louis got an infinity sign rope on his arm, and the following year, the “Watermelon Sugar” singer got a tattoo of an anchor on his left arm.

Fans argue that if the two were holding hands, then their tattoos would overlap — linking the anchor and rope together. Hundreds of forums and blogs have been created just to speculate which tattoos connect the two. Another fan-favorite matching ink is Harry’s rose and Louis’ dagger tattoo. Believers of the romance think this is another hidden sign of their love.

The “Larry” theories have extended into more than just online speculation. Followers of the claim have in turn written fan fiction that have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of readers. The conspiracy grew so large that even Euphoria dedicated an episode to it.

Louis admitted that he wasn’t even aware that the explicit scene in the HBO show was happening until it was aired. “I can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it,” he wrote on Twitter in 2019.

Time and time again, both Harry and Louis have spoken out against the relationship rumors. Keep reading to see every time they denied the claims. 

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