It's safe to say that Harry Styles really reached a major milestone in 2017 as his first feature film, Dunkirk, hit theaters. Not only was the movie incredible but many Directioners were shocked that Harry didn't just die off in the first few seconds of the movie. He actually had one of the lead roles and it was pretty cool to see him on the big screen rather than the stage. However, some speculated that he only got the role because of his celebrity status in the music world. Or the fact that he appeals to a very different audience than others who would want to watch a war movie in theaters. He was bringing two worlds together, and that had to have been good for sales, right? Probably.

BUT, the director of the movie, Christopher Nolan, has just revealed the actual reason Hazza was cast in the film and it's most likely not what you expected. It had nothing to do with his music, his fame or even the fact that he had been part of the most popular boy band in the world for six years. It was because of his looks!

Christopher chatted with [The Daily Mail]( and said, "He has an old-fashioned face … the kind of face that makes you believe he could have been alive in that period. Harry's character's very un-glamorous. It's not a showboating role. Harry sent in a tape, and we liked the tape. And he joined the workshop, and that was that. It was a really old-fashioned process – and Harry's features, ability and demeanor fitted right in."

And the praise didn't stop there. Christopher continued, "Harry shied away from being a 'star' in it. He's a humble guy who didn't want attention. He enjoyed the idea of not carrying it; that he was part of an ensemble. Like the soldiers they played, the actors were all in it together and supported each other very well…Harry's very talented. I've no idea whether he wants to pursue acting, but he's a natural." Bravo! This is all what we kind of figured coming from the heartthrob who is seemingly good at everything. But, we had no idea that his facial features were part of the reason why he landed the gig.

I mean, honestly, how can we forget his Another Man cover shoot? He looked like he came from a completely different era – channeling inner Mick Jagger vibes. For anyone who doesn't know, Mick Jagger is legit 74 years old right now. The fact that Harry could transform and remind us of a younger version of him is pretty epic and further proving Christopher's point.

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