Do you know what your favorite celebrity is reading? From Harry Styles to Taylor Swift, we broke down some of the most popular artists’ in the world, and what books are their self-proclaimed favorite. Keep reading for a complete list!

During an interview with Timothée Chalamet for i-D in 2018, Harry revealed he actually had two favorite books.

“I have two. It would either be Haruki Murakami‘s Norwegian Wood or Rob Sheffield’s Love Is A Mixtape. Which I would suggest you read if you haven’t read it already. It’s really beautiful.”

This isn’t the first time Harry has spoken about Murakami’s writing, as he told Rolling Stone in 2019, that the author got him to fall in love with reading.

“I love Murakami,” he told the outlet. “He’s one of my favorites. Reading didn’t really used to be my thing. I had such a short attention span. But I was dating someone who gave me some books; I felt like I had to read them because she’d think I was a dummy if I didn’t read them.”

A friend gave him Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. “It was the first book, maybe ever, where all I wanted to do all day was read this,” he continued. “I had a very Murakami birthday because I ended up staying in Tokyo on my own. I had grilled fish and miso soup for breakfast, then I went to this cafe. I sat and drank tea and read for five hours.”

Ariana Grande‘s fav book series, without a doubt, is Harry Potter. The “yes, and?” singer has several tattoos dedicated to the fantasy books, and even had a Harry Potter themed 23rd birthday party. As for her ink, she has a “9 3/4” tattoo on her finger and the word “Always” tattooed on her rib-cage, which was written in ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson’s handwriting.

Taylor Swift once stated that John Green was her favorite author. Back in 2014, John praised the songstress’ album 1989 on his Tumblr account, which Taylor saw and reposted to her own, stating: “My favorite author just said WHAT?!?!”

Speaking to fans at a Scholastic event, Taylor revealed some of her favorite YA novels, including Green’s The Fault In Our Stars. “I loved Hazel Grace because she’s so smart and self-aware,” she said of the book’s lead character.

And, just like Ariana, Taylor’s a big Potter fan – or should that be a big Granger fan? “Hermione Granger is an amazing character in literature. You don’t think about how many kids have legitimately grown up with the Harry Potter series.”

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