ZOMBIES 3 premiered on Friday, July 15, and we can’t believe how the cast has grown since the first ZOMBIES movie in 2018! As the cast plays high schoolers at the fictional and supernatural Seabrook High School, we thought we’d break down the stars ages IRL. Scroll to find out!

Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly, who play Zed and Addison, reminisced on how much they have grown since filming the first ZOMBIES movie in an interview with J-14. “I mean, this was shot five, six years ago, the first one. So not only have we changed, but the audience is now much older and I feel like this third movie tailors to that older audience,” Milo explained.

“I mean, 16 [years old] to 21 [years old] is a very, very drastic change,” Meg added.

Milo also shared how much he has grown as a person since taking on the role of Zed. “I feel like I’ve just become more myself,” Milo said. “I feel like I honestly owe that to Zed because he definitely taught me to beat your own drum and do what you’re passionate about and not worry too much about what other people are thinking about you because that’s how you can be truly happy. So I feel like I’ve taken a lot away from my character.”

As the ZOMBIES franchise grows, so does the cast! From werewolves entering the picture in the second movie to aliens beaming down in the third — there’s always room for more creatures in Seabrook! “The family is bigger and better this time around,” explained Milo. “We have three new amazing people and three new amazing characters in the movie. I feel like it’s, like, we picked up where we left off. There’s no experience like this. I don’t think anything in my life is gonna top how exciting shooting these movies are. So, it was just a blessing to be back with everybody and especially Meg, shooting with you again.”

Scroll through our gallery to discover the real ages behind the ZOMBIES cast.

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