IM5 is down to only three guys! One of the original members, Will Jay Behlendorf, recently left the boy band in late December to focus on his own music. This was a month after new member David Scarzone left the group.

Will changed his Twitter handle from @WillJayIM5 to @WillJayMusic, after confessing that he had grown a lot more passionate about his own music, and wanted to pursue it himself. But they all say there is no bad blood between them!

"These guys are my brothers and they always will be," he said through tears during a livestream explaining his decision.

We definitely noticed something was up after we only saw Dana Vaughns, Gabe Morales, and Cole Pendery posing on their Instagram.

im5 cole gabe dana

While we're shocked that he's no longer in the group, this isn't the first time the guys have faced some difficulties with members ditching the band. In March 2014, Dalton Rapattoni left to join Fly Away Hero, and David Scarzone joined in his place — but then he left the band too.

However, we've seen IM5 go through so much already, and they still manage to make great stuff, so we're not too worried. (We were obsessed with their song "Heartless" when they visited our office.) It must be frustrating to deal with so many changes in such a short amount of time, but we think it's sweet that they all still support each other!

Can you believe Will Jay left IM5? How do you feel about all these changes in the band? Tell us in the comments!

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