Get ready music fans because RYDYR‘s brand new song “Dream Alone” is about to be your new favorite! As fans know, the 24-year-old — whose real name is Cole Pendery — used to be a member of the boyband IM5, but now he’s a solo artist ready to take on the music world.

To celebrate his upcoming single — set to be released on Friday, March 27 — Cole sat down with J-14 and talked all things music. Not only did he dish on “Dream Alone,” but he also teased the music video and shared the meaningful decision behind why he changed his performance name to RYDYR.

“People don’t know who I really am, I don’t even really know who I am,” he admitted, before revealing that RYDYR was actually taken from his mother’s maiden name. “I wanted to create a performance pseudonym for myself. I wanted to give the music its own life. I still wanted to be authentic with people and RYDYR still has an essence of truth to me.”

Starting this new musical chapter has brought a lot of soul-searching for Cole, who said fans can expect “Dream Alone” to be “deep.”

“It’s an internal dialogue. Me, talking to that version of yourself that pushes you when you’re feeling down that sometimes we choose to listen to or sometimes we shut it down,” he explained. “The song is talking about that internal struggle, that internal dialogue within yourself.”

He continued, “It stemmed from moment in my life where I looked up one day and realized I wasn’t really connected with my truth or who I really was or wanted to be. I was kind of living a life where I had taken a lot of traits from the environments around me. I was like, ‘Wow I really need a moment to step back and reassess and find myself.’”

As for the music video, Cole remembered that he had “the best avocado toast” while shooting the visual in Northern California, and teased that fans can expect it to be “beautiful.”

“A majority is the video is me going through these different settings and locations, on this journey and there’s a twist at the end, but it’s going to add to the song,” he gushed before admitting that his favorite line of lyrics form “Dream Alone” is “the closing verse.”

The singer also said that he’s not nervous to release this super personal track, but excited!

“I think that’s the goal for me now moving forward with my music to be as transparent and real as possible. I’m more excited than nervous,” he said.

Aide from music, what’s next for Cole? Well, he has plans to tour as a solo artist and wants to act in the future. This budding young star has a huge career ahead of him!

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