Disney Channel fans cannot stop watching Raven’s Home! Luckily for them, J-14 recently caught up with the cast and they revealed their funniest moments on set and dished about upcoming episodes. Make sure to watch the video above and check out all the behind-the-scenes secrets that Issac Ryan Brown, Navia Robinson, Sky Katz and Jason Maybaum spilled!

The stars also opened up about their upcoming episode — premiering Sunday, March 1 — which will spotlight the dangers of vaping. In the episode titled, “What About Your Friends,” viewers will watch as Booker’s new friends attempt to pressure him into vaping, but he turns them down and warns them about all the risks associated with it. When Coach Spitz finds a vape pen, Booker finds himself in trouble because all the boys claim it’s his. He gets suspended from school and sets out to clear his name. J-14 even got a sneak peek at the upcoming episode!

When he first read the script for this anti-vaping episode, Issac said he was “excited that we were going to touch on such a serious topic.”

“So many teenagers are vaping without knowing all the repercussions,” he explained. “I approached the subject with an open mind and wanted to learn as much as I could about vaping. As we started talking about it, I realized just how dangerous vaping is for kids and all the risks that come along with it.”

Donovan Whitfield, who will guest star as Booker’s friend Curtis in the episode, said that the episode taught him a lot.

“This episode taught me that I need to surround myself with positive people. People who have my best interest at heart. And to be the best friend that I could possibly be to my friends as well,” Donovan said.

Both stars also got real about why it’s important that Raven’s Home covers important topics like this.

“It’s really hurting young people. So the best way to deal with this vaping topic is for teens (and parents) to educate themselves so they know the dangers,” Issac said. Donovan agreed, “It’s important to speak out about these particular topics because if we don’t, then nothing changes. Kids like myself won’t be informed or equipped to handle these types of situations. We have to continue to have outlets, like Disney, that allow us to address these issues that affect us.”

As for their advice to teens about whose friends peer pressure them into vaping? Both actors want kids to “say no.”

“Tell your parents or an adult you can trust. You should also consider dropping them as a friend because their bad decisions can have a negative impact on you,” Issac said.

Donovan added, “Don’t let peer pressure take over you and don’t be afraid to say no. It’s not worth it.”

“What About Your Friends” will premiere on Sunday, March 1 at 8:00 P.M. on Disney Channel. A special message from the cast will immediately follow the episode on Disney Channel and Disney Channel YouTube.

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