Let’s get a show of hands — who remembers IM5?! For those who missed it, the five-piece boyband first hit the music scene in 2012. After four years together and a few heartbreaking departures later, the three remaining singers — Dana Vaughns, Gabe Morales and Cole Pendery — officially announced the end of the group in February 2016. Ever since they stopped making music, fans have wished for the band to come together one last time. Thanks to former member Cole, diehard IM5 listeners have some hope about a reunion happening sooner rather than later!

J-14 recently sat down with the singer — who is now known by his performance name, RYDYR — to talk about his upcoming solo song “Dream Alone.” Not only did the 24-year-old chat all things music, but he even teased the possibility of getting IM5 back together again!

“I don’t want to squash [rumors], but I don’t want to promise anything…Never say never,” he teased. “We have not had any dialogue toward [a comeback].”

Despite no definite plans to make any new IM5 tunes, Cole did say that he still talks to all his former bandmates.

“I do stay in touch with all the guys, we do have good relationships,” he revealed.

The singer also got real about his time in the band and said it was “different” than his budding career as a solo artist.

“That whole time of my life with the boyband was very structured, rehearsed,” Cole explained. “I have not performed [under] my solo project RYDYR yet. I have had a lot of rehearsals. It’s different. This time it’s just more about [my] personal connection with the audience. I have some live musicians that play along with me, it’s a whole different thing.”

As a whole, Cole said, his new tracks are more “raw and authentic” to him as a person.

“This is more what I’m meant to do. This is more of the music I was raised on,” he said.

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