Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren were one of the first couples to really define what #RELATIONSHIPGOALS actually means. Their lives seemed absolutely perfect, traveling to the most beautiful places on earth all while being totally head over heels. It was literally a dream life – or so it seemed.

This week, things were definitely not perfect between Jay and Alexis. Most likely, they haven't been for awhile. The couple broke things off and Alexis is officially done hiding the secrets of their relationship. She decided to answer fan questions on Twitter and revealed some major bombshells about Jay and the way he treated her at the end of their relationship.

Some people started to question their status when Alexis tweeted, "that time you confused a lesson for a soulmate."

alexis ren

Then, she confirmed the split on social media after answering a series of questions. A fan asked, "@AlexisRenG Was it only for business? When did it get to the point where it wasn't love?"

She responded, "Not in the beginning but fame changes people." Yikes!

Another fan asked, "@AlexisRenG what's the real reason why you and Jay broke up?"

Alexis answered, "Hahah the relationship wasn't good for his business anymore. F-cked uuup." Okay, now this is really heartbreaking.

One fan asked, "@AlexisRenG what did you do to get over him and the whole situation."

She simply responded, "Time." This is what makes us think that the relationship has been over for awhile. These two haven't posted a photo together on Instagram in a long time and it seems like some of their pictures cradled in each other's arms have been deleted. Alexis also revealed during this Q&A that she has totally blocked Jay on social media.

There's no telling at what point things went south, but there's a super important lesson to take away from all of this. Real life is not what the world might see on Instagram. Jay and Alexis' photos were literally breathtaking and they made couples everywhere jealous of their relationship. However, sadly, it doesn't seem like it was all it cracked up to be.

Hopefully, these two can reconcile some day, since it feels like there was a love between them at some point. Right now, we can't wait to see Alexis thrive on her own time. As for Jay, he's still traveling and having a blast, just without his partner in crime by his side.

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