When it was reported that Orlando Brown was upset that he was not enlisted for the That's So Raven spin-off, it was never expected that he would be replaced by a different actor! Alonzo Lerone sent out a tweet that said that he would be replacing the original actor who played Eddie in the series and fans went wild!

He said: "So happy to announce that I will be replacing Eddie on 'That's So Raven' as Raven's love interest. Thank you @RavenSymone."

And fans replied with the funniest and craziest gifs, expressing how unhappy they were about this decision.

Thankfully the YouTuber exposed his own lie, when a fan said that the original Eddie's hairline looked better. LOL. Alonzo said "ugh! Why can't people be happy for me and my lies?"

Phew! If Orlando is actually replaced, we are sure he would be super upset so we are glad the YouTuber was just joking.

Even though Orlando Brown isn’t being replaced on the show, a bunch of other actors have been replaced by other stars on your fave TV shows. Click through the gallery to find out who did!

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