Jake Paul made headlines yesterday after his former fling Alissa Violet totally exposed him for cheating on her multiple times and playing games with her heart. While that was so not cool, he's back on our radar for something completely different.

Jake and his brother, Logan Paul, got into a public spat that turned ugly really quick. Jake reportedly made a diss track about Logan and then Logan fired back with his own song that seemed to feature Alissa. Clearly, things got heated between the two siblings. However, knowing the Paul brothers, lots of fans thought that the feud was for publicity.

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Logan has taken to social media and cleared up the rumors. He confirmed that he and Logan really were upset with each other but now have realized that they are stronger together. And probably realized that they are blood-related, in the same career field, have the same family and are in the same circle of friends which makes it nearly impossible to stay mad at each other forever. But… i guess that's beside the point.

Logan tweeted, "Quickly addressing the rumors that the beef between my brother @JakePaul and I was fake or a publicity stunt (see next tweet)."

"NOT TRUE. We were both pissed off and acted on our feelings, roasted each other, but I took it too far, he apologized, and we realized ➡️."

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"➡️ That we're better and happier when we function as a team. None of this was staged, it was just a very opportune chain of events #YEET."

So clearly, these two are back on good terms and they announced it in the only way they know how – with tweets and a music video featuring both of them. The track, obviously, titled, "I Love You Bro."

Ugh, THE LIFE. No really though, how could they possibly stay mad at each other? By looks of this video and listening to the lyrics, they have both come so far. And they haven't come so far alone, they have done it together. Siblings always fight, that's why they're called siblings. While eyes may roll a bit when it comes to whether or not this whole thing really was just for attention, Logan is trying his best to convince fans that it wasn't.

The Paul brothers are back on the love train and who knows what they have in store for their fans now. They have been making some crazy headlines on their own, so we can only imagine what they are brewing up together.

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