Jenna Marbles and boyfriend Julien Solomita were involved in a car accident earlier this week, and now the YouTube star is sharing details about the terrifying moment on her channel.

While they were in the backseat of a cab heading home from the airport, she explained that the driver was speeding down the highway. She said she was sitting with her knee up against her chest, which actually made her injuries way worse during the crash.

“Julien and I were both wearing our seat belts, so the worst of the damage is for me on my knee, because it was against the wall, and where the seat belts were,” she said in the video.

She also shared images of the bruising all over her body. (Caution: Some images may be disturbing).

She said they spent several hours in the hospital, submitting themselves to several medical exams making sure everything was alright, and that after all, their injuries were soreness and the bruising from the seatbelt.

The star is urging her fans to please use a seatbelt, even when they are in the backseat because their injuries could have been way worse.

We are glad they are both okay and wish them a speedy recovery.

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