Just like that, another Hollywood couple decides to call it quits. This time it was Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky – who is 21 years her senior, have decided to go their separate ways and end their relationship after a year together. People confirmed the news of the breakup, and it seems like it was a mutual decision with the two deciding to remain friends. Though the Hunger Games starlet and the director never actually confirmed they were a couple, the two were spotted out on the town numerous times, smooching and acting very much like two people who at the time were dating. The two also stepped out on tons of red carpets together while promoting their movie, mother!.

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Despite now being single, it looks like Jen won’t have too much downtime, given all the movie projects she’s got lined up for the next year. In a new interview with Elle, the actress revealed that when it comes to her work, she doesn’t necessarily feel the pressure to make sure her films are critical successes. She explained, “the only time I find myself worrying about the result is when I’m filming, because I’m working all day, and then I come home and my brain’s just like, What should we panic about? After I’ve finished the process, though, it’s done for me. I’ve done my work, and I’ve gotten what I need to get out of it—I’ve fulfilled myself. What happens next doesn’t really matter.”

Though it appears that Jen has a little bit of downtime on her hands, as she explained during the interview that she’s got plans to do something that’s totally different from the world of Hollywood. “I want to get a farm. I want to be, like, milking goats,” she explained. Now that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, it’s definitely one way to separate herself from the glitz and glamour of being an actress.

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