The exact timeline isn't clear, but we know that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been together for awhile now. But other than that blurry, taken-from-a-distance photo from their Nashville coffee date back in June, we still don't have any pictures of the couple. Not a single nice pic. Which makes sense, we guess, since the couple apparently wants to keep things private. But also, at the same time, things can only be so private when our girl Tay is out here writing songs that we can only assume are about her new cutie Joe.

Her second single, "Ready For It" is a high energy love song. Her next song, "Gorgeous," is presumably about someone she finds, well, gorgeous. And her latest release, "Call It What You Want," is also packed with romance. So can you blame us for getting a little carried away? So carried away, in fact, that before we knew it we'd already photoshopped three different pictures of Joe and Taylor together?

taylor swift joe alwyn

(Photos Credit: Getty Images)

You gotta admit, they look pretty cute together. We have to imagine that when they finally do go public, they're going to be just as lovey-dovey together on red carpets as they are in these mocked up images. And just as deeply in love as they sound on Taylor's songs! "[He] loves me like I'm brand new," she sings on "Call It What You Want," and does anybody else just melt every time that they hear that? We need more, Taylor! Give us some real pictures! Throw us some crumbs!

taylor swift and joe alwyn

(Photos Credit: Getty Images)

In the meantime, at least we have our photoshopped pics to tide us over. If Tay and her guy aren't ready to go public yet, we get it. But that doesn't mean we're going to stop obsessing over the clearly cute couple any time soon.

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