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Social media star turned recording artist Johnny Orlando turned 14-years-old today and to celebrate his birthday, the young singer released a new single for all of his fans to enjoy.

Johnny's new song, "Missing You," is such an upbeat jam and his fans are going to love it.

J-14 talked with Johnny about the new song and got all the scoop for you. We asked him to tell us all about the process of recording "Missing You," and he gave us an inside look at the life of an artist.

He said, "We actually first started writing 'Missing You' about seven months ago. I worked with my producer Andrew Balogh, and Poo Bear who has worked with a lot of big artists like Justin Bieber! We wrote the song in a few days and then I went into the studio to record it in two separate sessions at Capitol Records in Los Angeles. It can take up to a few months to completely produce and prepare everything with an original song. It’s a lot of work but it’s so much fun."

Can you believe how much work goes into writing and recording one song?

johnny orlando missing you

Of course, Johnny Orlando is well known for his incredibly popular YouTube covers, and we wanted to know the difference between making a cover and an original song. He even revealed which he preferred!

Here is what he said, "There's definitely a lot more work that goes into recording an original song because you have to produce it from scratch! I love making covers and putting my own spin on my favorite songs, but making original music is awesome. I love showing my fans my unique style, and creating something that I can call my own."

We're just happy that Johnny is making covers and original songs because now we get to enjoy both.

Wish Johnny a happy birthday below, and let us know what you think of his newest song in the comments section!

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