If you haven’t been on TikTok lately, then you might’ve missed Jojo Siwa‘s ongoing rebrand, along with her upcoming and already viral song “Karma.” The former Dance Moms star is gearing up for the next chapter into adulthood and is “ready” for all of the criticism that may come.

Keep reading to learn more about JoJo’s ~bad girl~ musical era.

Over the past month, the singer started to switch up her social media content. Followers watched as JoJo posted videos dancing seductively to an instrumental version of an unreleased song — which we now know is her latest track “Karma,” which will be released on April 5, 2024.

However, fans were a bit confused by this new JoJo rebrand. Instead of her typical bright bows and colorful clothes, JoJo has opted for a darker image that includes spicy dance moves, black clothing and explicit lyrics (“Karma’s a bitch”).

“I’ve seen people before me make this transition, I’ve seen how much I loved it, and I’ve seen also how much the world has criticized us, so I am ready for that. One thing that I think no one’s done is given the heads-up,” JoJo told People in March 2024.

“It was important to me to give that heads-up and be like, ‘Look, if you follow along, that’s all you. If you want to go, now’s your time. But in the best way possible, now’s your time,'” she added.

The former Nickelodeon star has definitely let viewers in on her new journey via social media. Teasing the music video for her upcoming single, you can find multiple clips of the artist wearing a sheer bedazzled catsuit — reminiscent of Britney Spears‘ own iconic suit from “Toxic.”

On top of that, JoJo has stated in the past that she looks up to and connects with Britney.

“I connect to Britney on a lot of different levels. She has music, I have music, she started at a young age, I started at a young age, she did movies, I do movies. Like, there’s so many things that make us similar,” she told Entertainment Tonight in 2021.



♬ Karma – JoJo Siwa

Based on the clips that JoJo has released, listeners already have quite an opinion on the lyrics. Her upcoming song features lines like, “I was a bad girl, I did some bad things,” and “Karma’s a bitch, I should’ve known better, If I had a wish I would’ve never f–ked around.”

Some viewers aren’t in support of her new sound. One social media user wrote, “I’m turning my volume down,” and another commented, “Girl no… you were literally the Bow Girl.”

While some fans aren’t excited by her new transition, others are showing their support for the songstress saying, “I wonder if people forgot she is a huge Freddie Mercury fan and this is 100% what I would have expected. Here for it.”

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