By now everyone knows exactly what went down when Josh Peck got married and didn’t invite his former TV brother, Drake Bell to the wedding. Some angry tweets, and what many thought to be the end of their friendship was involved. Though of course, fans know it was all just a tiny little hiccup. Nothing to worry about since the guys clearly remain tighter than ever.

Drake has since apologized for his outburst, and all seems good between him and the former Grandfathered star. They shared a touching moment at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, and it was at that reunion that they decided to put everything out there on the line while having some fun – vlog style.

Josh documented everything about the night, including ambushing Drake with the camera. They even found time to poke fun at their on-screen sister, Megan played by Miranda Cosgrove. A friend off camera asked the guys, “Megan sucks, right?” To which Josh jokingly answered, “yes.” We have a feeling Miranda would totally disagree with that!

Now that everything is said and done, with the drama completely behind them – the guys can focus on giving fans some major feels – which is exactly what they just did. In a new video shared on YouTube, the guys surprised Drake & Josh super fan David Dobrik. Hanging out together in the same space wasn’t the only treat the two friends had in store for David, they also gave everyone watching a major dose of feels by singing a tiny snippet of the show’s theme song!

drake and josh hug

Although it was short and sweet, clearly Drake still has the melody down to a science. He sounded totally great, and although it would have been awesome to hear Josh chime in with him, it still gave everyone a major dose of feels. Now if only the guys would take this reunion back to the small screen, fans would love to see what their television personas would be up-to these days.

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