Plenty of star power was out to show Ariana Grande and the people of Manchester support in the wake of the recent attacks that shook the city and everyone around the world.

One star who was overcome with emotion and saw it necessary to also spread the message of love was Justin Bieber, who was one of the many artists also on the verge of tears while delivering a message to the crowd.

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Before and during his acoustic set, the "Love Yourself" singer reminded the crowd that now more than ever, everyone needs to join together and spread love in the face of evil.

"This is an amazing thing we're doing tonight. What better way to fight evil, than with good that you guys are bringing that back," he spoke out to the sold-out crowd in the Emirates Old Trafford.

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The "Cold Water" singer also got emotional when he reminded the crowd that, "love wins in the end."

The love could definitely be felt in that room by not just the crowd, but by everyone who was performing.

A sentiment that is absolutely true and is proven by the outpour of support that has been shown to the people of Manchester, the victims, and their families since it was announced that this benefit concert would be taking place.

It warms our hearts to see everyone getting together, paying tribute, and honoring everyone in their own special ways while spreading a positive message to those in attendance and watching all around the world.

This is a beautiful and special night that will not be forgotten anytime soon. It's amazing what can happen when everyone gets together to spread love and positivity.

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